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About Us

KKP Capital Karur was founded in 2003, is one of the most reliable wealth management stock broking company based in Karur, TamilNadu; with extensive knowledge in all aspects of Stock Exchange and Mutual Funds. At KKP Capital Karur we clearly understand that every investors needs and goals are different. Hence we provide a comprehensive set of long term research reports, so that you can make the right investment decisions regardless of your hard earned preferences. Specialized reports on unique market opportunities, new Mutual Funds and long term investments on stocks is provides dividend yield with less risk.

KKP Capital maintain a strong healthy relationship with all of our customers through proper one to one customer interactions effectively. We are dedicated to educate our clients by updating daily fundamental news related to Stocks and Mutual Funds through latest technology. Such as WhatsApp and FaceBook.

KKP Capital Karur has seen incredible growth overlast 15+ Years through it’s very reliable trading platform and provide upto date Investment, knowledge sharing to all our customers. KKP Capital provides wide range on investments options, Share Market news, research reports, stock quotes, fundamental and statistical info across Equity, Mutual Funds, IPOs and much more.

To sumup myself MK Prabhagharan wish to inform you all that I have 15+ Years experience in Share Trading and you can reach me any kind of doubts, issues and investments related to stock market.

Our Aim

MK Prabhagharan Shares and Stocks website has been created for purpose of an educating wealth managements through proper long term investments via stock market and mutual funds.


We wish to work together with you to increase your assets and secure your future.


Our aim is to provide proper awareness about long term investments and most importantly cost effective stock broking and demat services to enable you to gain better returns on your investments.